Unit Leader Info Weekend 1

From Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th November, three of our unit leaders (Vicki, Ann and Sean) attended the first unit leader information weekend. During the weekend, we attended a number of sessions in how to be an effective communications champion, lead personal development and youshape.

We also were provided with some additional information regarding the event including the potential locations for the “Big City Experience” and the scale of the activities onsite. Some of the notable figures are available below:

  • There is 36 miles of mountain bike tracks onsite!
  • There is the 2nd largest skatepark in the USA – 4.6 acres to be precise!
  • The zip-lines cumulative distance makes them the longest in the world – with some capable of reaching speeds of 60mph or more!
  • There are 218 man-made climbing stations!
  • There is a 9.5 mile long canopy course!

Over the weekend, we also attended a “High School Prom” to allow us to meet other unit leaders from across the UK. This allowed us to share ideas and reflect on what we had learnt during the day in a more relaxed environment.

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