Camp 2 – The Journey Continues…

From the 20th July 2018 to the 22nd July, Unit 68 held their second camp at Stanford campsite. Much like our first camp, this was a time to further develop friendships, improve our teamwork and understand what is required of us at the Jamboree.

Day 1 – Setting up

Once we made the long journey down the lane we were tasked to put up our tents, which we were able to do fairly quickly. We were then put into four patrols – Latte, Grapes, Dragons and Unicorns; much like we will be at the Jamboree.

Our first mission as patrols was to put up the dining shelters ready for breakfast the next morning. Although we struggled to make a straight line with them, each patrol showed that they could work together effectively.

It was also a special day, marking one year until we actually leave for the Jamboree on the 20th July 2019. To celebrate this we had one big party together: singing, dancing and drinking a lot of fizzy drinks. We got to sleep very quickly that night!

Day 2 – Learning

Breakfast was the units first job with many lessons being learnt on how to cook for 40 people but nevertheless, everyone was happy and full after – even with the flipped over eggs.

Throughout the day, each patrol had to complete challenges and tasks around the campsite. These included:

  • Crate Stacking
  • Archery
  • Hand washing clothes
  • Planning our next camp
  • Creating a lip-syncing dance routine

With each challenge, patrols learnt key skills that will be needed for the Jamboree such as teamwork, hygiene, time-keeping, campsite skills and self-organisation. This will make us an effective unit once we make the journey to America.

That evening, two of the patrols made curry for dinner. Everything went to plan apart from the rice but luckily we still have a year to progress our cooking skills. To finish off the evening, we had to reveal our lip-syncing routines to the unit. They were all amazing and made us all laugh, especially when the leaders showed off there’s! A couple of campfire songs later, it was time for bed.

Day 3 – Morning gym and Patrol tent pitching

Another early morning for the unit to make breakfast for everyone. The three units who lost the lip syncing battle were tasked to make fish finger sandwiches for everyone. With some quick washing up it was time for the first team working task, putting up a patrol tent.

Each patrol had to blindfold all but 2 of their people to try and get the tent up. There was only one problem, only the blindfolded people could touch the tent. This in addition to the high temperatures really made it a battle for only one patrol to put up the tent. In the end, patrols had to tag team putting the tent up but finally, it was standing.

Following this, it was time to get some morning exercise. In pairs, participants had to go from station to station, each with a different workout activity. From skipping like a fairy to duck walking everyone could be seen sweating by the end. Finished by some relaxing stretches and meditation we were all left well exercised. But, we still had time for a last minute water fight to really cool down!

Once the fight had stopped, it was time to pack up all our gear and head off home. We all had an amazing time as we become an even closer family and would like to thank Vicki, Sean, Ann and Cara for organising such a funny and enjoyable weekend!

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