Camp 3 – Early Rising…

Day 1 – Setting up

Back at the start of September, Unit 68 had their third camp at Streamside campsite. On arrival our bags were weighed prior to putting up the tents to see how well we had packed! Our tents were practically touching so we could get them all in just like it will be at the Jamboree next year. With pitching tents out of the way, we all chilled out until the opening of camp. Patrols set up and organised, the leaders decided to mix things up a bit. A game and a challenge to last all weekend were explained.

The first being ‘Soldiers’. Everyone was given a little toy soldier to look after for the weekend, but the twist here was that whenever a leader yelled ‘Soldiers!’ at the top of their lungs; it was our job to adopt the stance of our own soldier. Throughout the weekend, many chairs were tipped over in the frenzy to act and take stance. Alongside this was the “Wolf Games”, which was a set of challenges where we can earn points to beat other patrols. One of these tasks was to make and defend your patrol pet for the weekend; if you ask any one of us about our pets, you’d get an interesting story!! Much to our surprise every patrol had negative points by the end of day 1 but the leaders promised there would be a chance to recover the situation the following day!

Day 2 – The Wolf Games

Saturday morning started as normal, and after breakfast the Wolf Games that had been mentioned the previous day had begun; a series of tasks to earn points for your patrol. Then activities started; with two of the four patrols working on the Wolf Games, one patrol experimented with the ‘Jamboree in a Bag’ kit we had been given, and the last worked on camp gadgets. We all got a chance to rotate throughout the day. The evening came and everyone was relaxed as we waited for dinner to be served up.

As the day drew to a close and the washing up tackled; we set work on making paracord woggles. After a bit of instruction and confusion about what was going on many of us making good progress, with a few exceptions!!! A bit of guidance and another demonstration everyone had their own woggle. Later in the evening we settled around a campfire before heading to bed where we had a quick game of chubby-bunnies which everyone found hilarious, and many, many campfire songs. Day 2 of the camp had proved to be fun with a lot of laughs as everyone got that little bit closer.

Day 3 – The Hike

On Sunday, it was an early start for a morning hike, where we found out that not everyone functions at 6.00am! We reached the beach and had our improvised breakfast watching the waves. A few games and tasks down on the shoreline and we were all laughing, especially when we were tasked in burying our patrol leaders in the pebbles.

On the walk back to camp we were given a new task, one member of each patrol had to be blinded, another deaf, and one more had to be mute for the way home. It was the rest of the patrol’s job to get them back to camp safely. Once back at camp with no one hurt, we began to take down tents and pack kit up ready to leave. With a quick camp break and telling the leaders who would be in our dream patrol, we all left to head home.  A rather enjoyable time away for the start of the school year.

Once again, a thank you to our leaders for looking after us, and providing a great camp.

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