Day 2 – Getting to know one another in Worthing

A couple of weeks ago, our unit came together once again to further our friendships and improve our team working skills. The day was filled with fun and challenging tasks, and difficult decisions on what we are going to wear which would be unit branded!

After arriving we were split into our patrols and began with our first challenge… getting across the room on chairs. Every patrol had a different method of attack from going two by two or even a little bit of sabotage. In the end, everyone made it though.

Following this, we moved on to our next game of passing the balloon but with a twist – no hands! With every attempt, it got harder and harder even going as far to be torsos only. One patrol, in particular, was very creative with their methods to the point where it might have been cheating! These tactics continued when trying to leap together across the room; making everyone realise why it’s important not to skip leg day!

But then we had to get to the hard decisions, what did we want to wear on the Jamboree? We had many choices of colour and design with each patrol putting their pitch forward. In the end, we all managed to come to a decision on everything ready for the Jamboree. This included a hat that must be pink and only pink!

With a quick break for lunch, we moved on to our final game – passing the stick! Each time we were given an action where we must either pass it left or right without dropping the one we needed. This led to some questionable moves!

All in all, we had a lot of fun together and as we move closer to the Jamboree this is going to prove even more important. We look forward to our next event with our amazing leaders and look forward to meeting our new leader Simon there too!

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