Camp 4 – Countdown Starts..

Day 1 – Arrival

We arrived to camp to put kit down and get stuck in. Quickly moving to put up dining tents while the sun was fading fast: finally when those tents up, we got randomly assigned tents and were told to put them up. In the dark… With many laughs, struggles and the assurance that they will stay standing we put kit in and went of to collect the food. After all, food is rather important! Following that we played an interesting game of Twister and many turned in for the night.

Day 2 – Walks and Talks

Next morning many were awake at the 6.00am call. A breakfast sandwich served up by the two patrols who were already working at quarter to six that morning. Activities started at 8:30 – but what’s this? A hike! With the patrols we had from our previous London trip, we were given a map and off we went for a nice 5 mile walk. What was expected to be an easy walk quickly turned into leaping over makeshift streams down the path. Other than this: it was an enjoyable morning. On the way we were tasked with several things to think about, those things being patrol names, scouts own, that evening’s entertainment and ten songs to put into a custom Unit 68 playlist. As of writing this, we have collected 227 songs together: which I’ll say will definitely give a diverse music taste.

Most of the day was spent relaxing, but we did receive a talk about different topics to be aware of when we go to Jamboree. Topics like cultural differences and what kind of relationships we may witness or get into, a good talk and a very good reminder that we should act with caution, and speak with awareness of these topics. That evening was had curry – round two! If we learnt anything from last time, it was to be careful with the rice we cooked. Some would argue that we improved, others dispute that it was worse. What can we say? We’re not Gordan Ramsey or Jamie Oliver (Which came up a fair bit over the weekend), it was at edible and that was good enough for us!

Following into the evening was the entertainment, with disputes about who could see the moon in the spoon, to the perfect cup of tea: typically British of course! Though, what topped it off best was the ‘interactive experience’ and display from two of the patrols. Only we could come up with some top quality entertainment for a saturday night. Turn in at ten, and not even half an hour later most of had succumbed to blissful sleep: something we’ll need to work on for when we leave, because there will be very little sleep.

Day 3 – Planning

Chiming in at seven the next morning we gathered round where we left and organised a spot of breakfast. Next we organised tent buddies for when we get to site, as well as partners for our trip to both New York and Washington. Quick kit and tent pack down and we gathered once more by the fire circle: only to do a fair few laps of the field to warm up before coming back to discuss what our day in both places may look like similar themes popped up and we had a vague idea what it would look like. More laps around the field and lunch quickly approached, then the whole camp pack down began. Of course, we couldn’t leave without our Unit photo, and once this was done, the remainder of kit was packed and we were off home to spend the rest of the day relaxing with mothers, it was mother’s day after all.

Again, a thank you to our leaders for putting on the camp. And the countdown is on for the day we leave – just under 16 weeks away..

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