Camp 5 – The Grand Finale

Last week we embarked on our final camp together for the very final preparations and training ready to jet off to West Virginia; now less than two weeks away!

Day 1 – Ready and waiting

Once we arrived, we were split into our patrols so we could get started setting up and getting the Tesco order down to camp. With a campfire started; we all grabbed our chairs and sat around for the first activity – learning about gender and culture. This will be crucial while we are on the Jamboree, meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

Just before we all got to bed, we grabbed some snacks and set up our new unit app ready for the morning.

Day 2 – Activities await

Day 3 – Parent prepared

Starting another day off with a quick breakfast we prepared for our Scouts’ Own, where each patrol had to prepare an activity of reflection for the rest of the unit. With many sticky notes used, we all took a moment to think back to what we have achieved and what we may still need to work on.

We took a quick break to look at what we could do for Cultural Celebration Day – in this case, the game of marbles which appeared to be a hit with many in the unit. This will be very important when introducing people to West Sussex culture.

Our next job was to get ready for the final parents’ briefing that afternoon; with each patrol taking a different topic to make sure everyone was ready and informed about the final weeks.

Once all packed up and ready to go, we had one final bite to eat ready to meet the parents.

Each patrol did a fantastic job informing the parents on what will be happening while we are out there and any other useful information. With that done, our final camp was over and 18 months of work comes closer to an end.

Once again, we would like to thank Ann, Sean, Simon and Vicki for all their amazing work with us these past two years making sure we are prepared for our adventure of a lifetime.

See you out there!

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